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Engine Heater for 1/8th Engines

by Centro – C2500
Sold out

The Centro Engine Warmer uses technology similar to that used by Formula 1, Indy Car and NASCAR teams! It will properly pre-heat your engine to 60-70C in 10 minutes based on an ambient temperature.

This useful warmer will quickly pay for itself by increasing engine life and performance.

Centrp Engine Warmer Features:

  • MCU control heating time and heating power for maximum safety
  • Safety timer: turn off power around 10 minutes automatically
  • Built-in temperature sensor to control the output power of the heater
  • LED indicator for status of engine heater
  • 12V DC source with low voltage cutoff
  • Fireprrof and heat resistant adjustable cover
  • Fits all .19-.26 RC nitro engines
  • Very small, lightweight and compact for quick and easy storage
  • Access port on top allows you to start and monitor your engines temperature without having to take the heater off.

Spec Check:

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Heating Power: 90W
  • Heating Time: Around 10 mins
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 9-10V
  • Weight:65g
  • Diameter: 63mm
  • Height: 50mm

Expected Date - TBC