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P3X 1/8th Off Road .21 Engine Ceramic DLC

by Picco – PIC9507
Sold out

In 2019, PICCO released the Blast : this was one of the biggest step’s in Picco’s production. This engine uses a new diecast crankcase and an updated CNC machined piston sleeve. The quality and the durability has been increased by far and it is incredible how the Blast engines performed, with consistent tune, setup and long life. That was good to see all these happy faces and that is true to say we never seen such a level of quality, whatever the brand. Step by step, people get more confidence in the Blast and we saw more blue heads in the pit lane !

When you are producing and selling engines, making the best product is not enough, the biggest challenge is : To reach the expectation of drivers ! That's not only producing the fastest motor, but answering this question : what are drivers expecting from your racing engine ?

The Blast was good and the new engine is an update of this reliable engine.

In order to get the best reliability, the rear bearing is ceramic, together with the high quality front blue Japanese bearing. Both these bearing are a must for a quality off road engine. The crankshaft is lightened, with red silicone insert and balancing weight. As the material is super strong, it doesn't need extra DLC coating to be durable, but this version get the optional DLC coating for those who love Hard Black shafts. The new vacuum injected crankcase is very strong and robust, it is fitted with a CNC machined back plate, including extra scoop for even more performance. This Picco Engine has everything a racer needs in an off road racing engine to compete at the highest level.

But! at the end of the day, what is also important is how affordable this engine is : it has to be price friendly, but everybody should be able to find locally. This is why are we working hard to support and supply any local shop or web-store to offer this new engine at the same affordable price. No need to find a special partner and a super good deal : the P3X will be available at a very cool price in any shop.


  • 3+2 ports sleeve for maximum performance
  • Balanced lightened crankshaft with red silicone insert.
  • Ceramic bearing + Blue Japanese front bearing
  • CNC machined backplate with extra scoop for more performances
  • DLC optional coating on shaft
  • Made in Europe