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HNMC Tracks are open for further info - click here

Engine Speaker Module - 1 Speaker

by Core RC – CR789
Sold out
Introducing from CORE RC these Engine Speaker Modules for RC cars.

Run electric RC but with real car engine noise!

RC engine speaker module with 10 different engine sounds ranging from race and rally cars to big V8’s, trucks, and tanks. Also 5 programmable vehicle horn sounds.

For crawlers, trucks and racing.

Available in two sizes, single and double speaker.


1, Advanced SGS (Sound Particle Synthesis Technology) and SFC (intelligent state-following compensation technology) are applied.
2, Aux channel is supported to simulate multiple auxiliary sounds.
4, Reverse throttle setting is available.
5, Standby mode is supported that can standby without Radio operation in 60 seconds. Move the throttle to wake it up.
6, Low-voltage protection is supported, and battery types (2S-4SLipo) are automatically detected while battery connected.
7, Prompt tone in English and Chinese is available for operation, so easy to operate.
8, Ten kinds of engine sounds and 5 kinds of Honk/Siren are available. Brake sound is with release valve sound. And release valve sound and brake sound are able to be set On/Off.


1 Speaker
Input Voltage: 6.5-16.8 V (2S-4S LIPO)
Size: 46x46x42mm