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FTX5571 FTX Outlaw 1/10th 4wd Brushless Ultra Buggy

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Yeeeha, the Outlaw Brushless has just left its rooster tail as the throttle is nailed. Well you might not have a Californian desert on your doorstep, but you can pretend! Loosely based on the powerful Ultra 4 buggies that take up the challenge of racing through the US’ west coast deserts, the Outlaw is the perfect mix of RTR entry level fun with a bit of scale realism thrown in to boot.


Under the semi-scale tubular roll cage, body panels and cockpit are some new and established features. The front suspension assembly is the same as FTX stablemates the Carnage and Bugsta trucks with fully adjustable settings, universal driveshafts, turnbuckles and a heavy-duty metal geared differential. Moving back, the moulded chassis supports the centrally positioned sealed shaft drivetrain, steering servo, motor and receiver box.


Semi-scale trailing arm rear suspension sets the Outlaw apart from other off road buggies in the FTX range. This long travel suspension, with huge articulation is what full size U4 buggies use to tackle the uneven desert surface. With drive to the rear axle assembly via a telescopic sliding driveshaft, along with multi-position shock absorber mounting points, the Outlaw can handle some of the roughest terrain with its all terrain super-soft tyres.


FTX has chosen Etronix for the brushless system with their waterproof 60Amp Photon 2.1W speed control and 2950kv 4-pole motor. Coupled with the Voltz 3250mAH LiPo battery and you will have all the power you need to unleash the Outlaw.


With established Etronix radio equipment, plus with the sweet addition of full aluminium oil filled shock absorbers and scale looking all terrain tyres the Outlaw is the perfect choice RTR for enthusiasts looking for a rig with a bit of character and a whole lot of speed!



FTX Outlaw U4 Chassis

Featuring Semi-scale trailing arm rear suspension and long travel shock absorbers the Outlaw is set to tackle any terrain in its path.


FTX Outlaw U4 Suspension

The long reach aluminium oil filled shock absorbers are fully adjustable and with multiple mounting options can be fine tuned to suit whatever is thrown at them and help the Outlaw over any obstacles.

 FTX Outlaw U4 Radio Equipment

The Etronix Radio will keep you in control alongside the Etronix brushless waterproof speed controller, Etronix waterproof servo, powerful 2950kv 4-pole motor and the Voltz LiPo battery pack. The Outlaw U4 really is ready to tackle anything with ease and plenty of speed.

FTX Outlaw U4 Features:

    99% Ready to run

    Etronix EX2 Sport 2.4ghz radio

    Etronix 2.1W Waterproof 60 Amp ESC

    Etronix 2950kv Brushless motor

    Etronix 3kg waterproof steering servo

    Voltz 3250mah 7.4v 20c LiPo Hard cased batt

    Voltz LiPo charge sack

    Etronix PowerPal Pocket Balance Charger

    Pre-painted cage style body panels Tubular style roll cage with spare wheel & tyre

    Internal driver cockpit

    Moulded tub chassis

    Sealed transmission

    4wd shaft drive

    Trailing arm rear link suspension

    Receiver box

    Lightweight high impact arms

    Aluminium big bore oil filled adjustable shocks

    Gearbox metal crown & pinion gear

    Front universal driveshafts

    Adjustable turnbuckles

    Fully adjustable suspension including, droop, camber, toe-in, wheelbase etc

    Chassis accepts NiMh or LiPo battery

    Wide range of option parts available


Spec Check:


    Scale Size: 1/10th

    Length: 505mm

    Width: 320mm

    Height: 240mm

    Wheelbase: 328mm

    Tyre Diameter: 135mm

    Tyre Width: 55mm

    Gear Ratio: 11.2:1

    Drive: 4WD


Please Note: This kit is sold in RTR (Ready-to-run) format and requires 8 x AA batteries for completion.