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GM54016 Gmade Komodo 1/10th GS01 Rock Crawler

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GMADE 1/10 GS01 KOMODO TRUCK SCALE READY-TO-RUN CRAWLER The Komodo is designed for scale performance and great looks with or without a body. The GS01 Chassis with a new 4-Link suspension systems and steel ladder C channel frame makes for a great rig and scale finish. The steel has been nickel plated to resist corrosion, and looks great too! Next add a dust proof receiver box that has been moulded to look like a real engine cover. The receiver box also provides a spot to mount your ESC to keep your rig looking clean. To help push performance to the max, an adjustable battery tray offers the lowest possible centre of gravity, while allowing for the use of a variety of packs. The centre skid plate is designed to run smoothly over any surface without getting stuck. The 4-Link suspension has been designed to reduce torque twisting and give a smoother overall movement feel and along with the Gmade G-Transition shock absorbers helps to get the power to the axles. A dust proof transmission is used which features a metal-motor mount to keep everything precise and secure and running cool. The power is then transmitted to the axles with universal shafts and to ensure there is no loss of power every rolling component uses ball bearings. Where is all this power going? Out to the MT-1903 off-road tyres mated to NR02 1.9 inch beadlock wheels. This tyre and wheel combination provides excellent traction in almost any environment. As we've come to expect from Gmade, the Komodo is packed with scale features. The 1.5mm lexan shell, based on a standard pickup truck, is supplied clear for you to add your own paint scheme along with a decal sheet for extra styling. The shell can be detailed with the included plastic parts; a front grille, mirrors, light buckets, wiper grille, door handles and heavy duty front and rear bumpers. Gmade have also added extra value in the accessories department. The Komodo comes packing a roof rack, bumper, snorkel, sand ladder, hooks and a shovel. This really is their most realistic model to date!
GS01 4-link suspension chassis Steel ladder frame Adjustable battery plate Dust proof receiver box Skid plate One-piece graphite axle housing Metal differential cover Solid differential gear Dust proof transmission NR02 1.9" beadlock wheel MT-1903 1.9" off-road tyre Clear lexan pickup truck body Bodyshell accessories and decal sheet