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L-OS1217E OS 21XZ-B Ty 110% Combo

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This special 21XZ-B edition motor was built to Ty Tessmann's custom requirements in order to help him win of the world championships. Based on B2101, the heat sink head has a refined design for improved cooling during a race on Ty's request. It also uses a newly adopted 5.8mm reducer to improved fuel efficiency making a crusial difference over a long race. This combo set includes a matched exhaust set using a newly designed 90mm long manifold to give Ty the best fuel economy and a reliable stable idle to suit his tough racing requirements. • 5.8 mm carburettor reducer for improved fuel consumption performance. • This combo set adopts a 90mm long manifold, for fuel economy and improved idle. • Silver anodized finish heat sink head designed exclusively for Ty Tessmann. • Crankcase & crankshaft with laser etched Tessmann logo.