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C-TRX71076-3 Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL Brushless TSM 4WD (TQi/7.2V/DC Chg)

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The 1/16 E-Revo was received with great delight upon its release and astounded with its forward thinking innovation and high performance, giving out of the box action that none could beat. Now, the bar has been raised higher with the introduction of the 1/16 E-Revo VXL 4WD, incorporating the Velineon brushless motor system for blistering acceleration and speed! Leaving the competition to choke on its dust, this 4WD monster truck was built to win, whether that's at the track or just bashing around in the backyard. Much of what makes this monster so great is standard on the E-Revo, and that's not a compromise, it's because it was built Traxxas-Tough enough to withstand the astonishing power that the VXL has at its disposal. 30+ mph out of the box makes this E-Revo nearly twice as fast as its competitors, but add a second battery pack and you're looking at a top speed in excess of 50mph - few 1/10 models could achieve that, let alone 1/16!