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HNMC Tracks for more info and to book a practice slot -Click Here

Citroen 2CV Rally (M-05RA) On Road 1/10th Electric Kit

by Tamiya – 58670
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[French popular car that looks good on rally equipment] Since its announcement in 1948, the Citroen 2CV, a popular French car that has been produced for over 40 years until 1990 and has become a long-selling global car. Not only has he been a driving force in French motorization, he is also known for his participation in motorsports, especially rallies. It is an electric radio control car assembly kit of Citroen 2CV finished in the image of such a rally participation car. The lovely form is realistically reproduced with polycarbonate, such as a stand-alone front fender, spats-shaped rear fender that covers half of the rear wheels, a round bonnet, and a cabin with three windows on one side. Separate parts include fog lights, a front bumper with a light guard, and a stack escape plate on the roof. In addition, the headlights, door mirrors, and front bumper overrider are also separate parts. A lot of fictitious sponsor marks are also set with stickers, and the finish is full of rally car mood.

[Adopting front-wheel drive M-05Ra chassis that can also run on flat dirt] The chassis is based on the M-05 chassis that drives the front wheels with a motor mounted on the front, and adopted M-05Ra that supports flat dirt running. The frame that forms the skeleton of the chassis is a lightweight, slim, strong, resin monocock type that pursues ease of assembly. The suspension is a double wishbone 4-wheel independent with excellent ground contact. The hub carrier dedicated to the M-05Ra chassis and front and rear up The minimum ground height is raised by 5 mm with the light, and block tires are attached to the dish wheel with a classical design. You can enjoy light driving from paved roads to flat dirt roads.

[Basic specifications]● Overall length 394mm ● Overall width 181mm ● Overall height 165mm (excluding stack recovery ladder) ● Wheelbase 239mm ● Tread front and rear 138mm ● Tire width / diameter = front and rear 26 / 60mm ● Frame = monocock type ● Drive system = front midship motor / front wheels Drive ● Diff gear = 3 bevels ● Steering = 3-split tie rod type ● Suspension = 4-wheel double wishbone ● Damper = front and rear friction ● Gear ratio = 7.25: 1

Expected Date 07/04