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HNMC Tracks - Click here for information on using the tracks
HNMC Tracks - Click here for information on using the tracks

Electronic Power Switch

by Xpert – XP-B3206

Xpert electronic power switch as used by many top drivers to give a more reliable switch than a standard mechanical unit.

This is fully compatible with all common types of reciever battery pack. Using two LED's the switch provides feedback regardin its current status and battery voltage.

L1 Light indicates battery type selected. Solid light indicates high Voltage (LiPO LiION) and flashing indicates low voltage (NiMH and LiFE)

L2 provides feedback about battery voltage and will flash when the voltage drops to a pre determined level of 5.3V NiMH/6.8V LiPo and will become solid at 4.8V NiMH/6.4V LiPo indicating the battery is below useable levels.

The switch does not replace a failsafe setting on your radio and simply provides feedback on battery status.

Be aware that as with all electronic switches the switch will draw some power when left turned off so for periods of starage between races we reccomend that the switch be disconected from the reciever battery pack.

Input Voltage: 6.0V - 7.4V
Output Voltage: DC 6V/10A - 7.4V/8A
Battery Mode: NiMH/LiPo
Dimensions (LxWxH): 29.4x19x11.3mm
Mounting Dimensions: 28.5x16mm Includes bracket with holes for transponder mounting location.
Weight: 10g