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EP Fantom 4WD 1/12th Electric Kit - Gold 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

by Kyosho – 30644
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Limited edition 60th Anniversary 

Arriving 15 September

Of the many famous models Kyosho has produced in its glittering 60-year history, the 1/12 scale Phantom EP electric racing car is a standout. First released in 1983, the Phantom EP-4WD followed by the Phantom EP-4WD Ext in 1985 achieved outstanding results at the Japanese Championships. For fans of that spectacular era, the Phantom EP-4WD Ext was selected as the 12th model for the Kyosho Vintage Series. To commemorate Kyosho’s 60th anniversary, this limited-edition of the Phantom EP-4WD Ext features gold anodized aluminum parts and special black front and rear wheels. Performance has been further enhanced with a rear ball diff (not available in 1985) that works in perfect combination with a thicker (increased to 6mm diameter) lightweight carbon shaft that delivers smooth cornering characteristics on various surfaces from asphalt to carpet. In addition, the rear damper has been upgraded to the EFW014 adjustable rear shock (previously optional) to widen the scope of setting options and improve responsiveness for optimized running performance. Since its release in 2022, the Vintage Series Phantom EP-4WD Ext has captured the imagination of new fans as well as those who want to relive the glory days. Even if you already own the Phantom EP-4WD Ext, this limited-edition 60th anniversary commemorative model takes the Phantom experience to a whole new level.

●As the 12th model in the Kyosho Vintage Series, the Phantom EP-4WD Ext is upgraded into a special edition 60th anniversary model.
●All aluminum parts are anodized in gold for the 60th anniversary model.
●While following the design of the original model released in 1985, each part has been enhanced to match modern R/C systems and power sources.
●Ladder chain 4WD on-road racer demonstrates exceptional stability even on low-grip surfaces.
●Black FRP double-deck chassis exhibits an optimal balance of flexibility and strength. Equipped with front reinforcement plate.
●3-point suspension system sets the standard for high reliability in 1/12 EP racers.
●Dial adjustable oil shock allows easy adjustment of spring tension.
●Ball differential can be easily adjusted by tightening the nut.
●Equipped with lightweight and high-strength φ6mm carbon rear shaft as standard.
●Wheel nuts are also gold anodized. Special lightweight bolt is used for the differential housing.
●Compatible with optional parts for the existing Phantom EP-4WD Ext.
●Unassembled chassis kit includes pre-glued front and rear tires and unpainted body.