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17A Power Supply PSU 200W

by Sky RC – SK-200025
SKY RC 17A power supply converts standard household power 100-240V AC to 12V DC power and supplies up to 17 amperes of continuous power.

Small in size, big on power

Though in a tiny body, PSU200W delivers over 93% power efficiency to pump enough power for RC hobbyists!


Safer and Reliable

-Short-circuit protection on output
-Over Current Protection
-Over Temperature Protection
-Over Load Protection
-Over Voltage Protection

Generic XT60 Connector

With the almost de facto standard of XT60 connector, reverse polarity preventing and the super-solid connection is secured!

Intelligent Air Cooling System

Thermal Controlled 8000rpm high-speed sleeve bearing cooling fan effectively blows the air through the extruded aluminum heat sink, effectively cooling the device.

Active PFC

Active PFC(power factor correction) refers to the method of increasing power factor (PF) by using active electronic circuits with feedback that control the shape of the drawn current, resulting in higher efficiency.

PSU200W comes natively with Active PFC, delivering more true and efficient power!

Universal Operation, Worldwide Safe

With the universal-voltage input circuit, you don't need hassle finding a voltage converter between 110V and 240V while traveling around!

Overload/Error Indication

The LED indicator turns off whenever the device connected to the Power Supply is drawing more power than it can provide. The power supply will shut down its output to protect its circuitry from damage, then reset automatically.

What's in the Box

Power Supply
Input Power Lead with UK Plug