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1/8th Buggy/Truck Wing- Yellow

by J Concepts – JC2998Y
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J Concepts Razor 1/8th Buggy/Truck Wing

Adding to the latest trend of 1/8th off-road wing performance, JConcepts presents the Razor wing to an already successful line of Aero products. For the IFMAR Worlds, JConcepts dug in to the arsenal to produce a combination wing including elements first rising to prominence with polycarbonate wings. The use of a single vertical direction side-dam is incorporated into the base wing feature to provide a little freedom during highspeed turning and 180-degree corners.

As with all JConcepts wings, the side-dams are recessed for decal placement and increased rigidness. The leading edge of the dams are angled, providing that exclusive JConcepts look to slide through the air with ease. The base of the wing has multiple heights, the center section allows the wing to sit lower on the vehicle. On each side of the lowered section, tall center dividers channel the vehicle and helps maintain stability.