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Buggyra Fat Fox (TT-01E) Truck 1/10th Electric Kit

by Tamiya – 58661
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[The bonnet type truck that boiled the circuit is powerful] BUGGY RA RACING won the double title of driver & team at the 2017 European Truck Racing Championship. It is an electric RC car assembly kit that reproduces the 2018 model machine. The cab-over type is in the mainstream machine, and a powerful bonnet type body is adopted. Made of polycarbonate with the cab, rear fender, and coupler separated into two parts. The door mirrors are also prepared as separate parts, and the scale feeling is sufficient. In addition, many sponsor logos that decorate the body are reproduced with large stickers. You can easily enjoy the finish unique to racing machines. The chassis adopts TT-01E with a shaft 4WD with excellent maneuverability. The appearance of running while rolling a large body flashy is full of charm that is a bit different from a touring car.

[Adopting TT-01 TYPE-E chassis with shaft drive 4WD, which is fun to improve performance ] The chassis is a vertical motor shaft drive 4WD TT-01 TYPE-E that is easy to assemble and easy to maintain. For the bathtub type main frame, Equipped with a glass fiber reinforced nylon resin upper deck and gear cover to give high chassis rigidity. The steering system is a 3-split type with little play and smooth movement. Low center of gravity, well-balanced body configuration and double wishbone 4 Combined with the wheel independent suspension and the front and rear differential gears, it demonstrates controllable maneuvering characteristics. In addition, the black color wheel that realistically reproduces the bolt shape is equipped with a radial tire with an outer diameter of 70 mm. Also designed exclusively for racing trucks, high-height tires produce mild cornering performance. Of course, you can enjoy performance improvement by incorporating a wide variety of optional parts (sold separately) for TT-01 TYPE-E. ¡

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 420mm, overall width 187mm, overall height 188mm ● Wheel base 257mm ● Tire width / diameter = 28 / 70mm for both front and rear ● Frame = bathtub type ● Drive system = vertical motor / shaft drive full-time 4WD ● Diff gear = front and rear 3-Bevel ● steering: 3-piece tie rod ● suspension: 4-wheel independent double wishbone ● dampers: Front and Rear friction ● gear ratio = 8.35: 1