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HNMC Tracks are open for further info - click here

GNSS Speed Meter

by Sky RC – SK-500024
Stop wondering how fas your rc car can run and how high your rc airoplane or helicopter can fly. Now all this data come at you finger tips with the GNSS SPEED METER by Sky RC. This gadget is ideal for RC racing/flying and casual biking driving and long journey.

Measure Top Speed, Average Speed and Top Altitude

The user could easily view the screen while working out data such as speed, altitude, total mileage/kilometer, longitude/latitude. It also records the top speed and top altitude for instant recall after the running and helps RC fans much to fine-tune their RC gadgets to achieve better performance.

Built-in 1M Memory & Update frequency up to 10Hz

Update frequency is changeable from 1Hz to 10Hz. The higher update frequency is, the more accurate data the user will get. The built-in memory is 1M and can keep recording for 18 hours at 1Hz update frequency. And all the data can be transferred to PC and Mac show on Bing Maps. When the Flash is full, the previous record will be replaced automatically. No need to think about clearing data all the time or worry about missing the critical tracking data, when the memory is full.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

It comes with a built-in rechargeable LiPo battery. The capacity is 200 mAh and the operating time is up to 150 minutes.

With the micro USB charging port, it is very convenient for users to connect it to a USB port or another compatible USB power source for charging.

Support both Metric and Imperial system of Measurement

The Metric and Imperial systems can be switched easily at the user’s finger. Hold and press the MODE button to change.

PC link for data logging & Bing Maps

The GNSS LOGGER software is compatible with Windows 7 and above or macOS 10.12 and above. With GNSS LOGGER, the user could.

Transfer the log data to computer and show the track data on built-in globally accessible Bing Maps;
Save the log data to computer;
Select the language between English and Chinese;
Change Metric and Imperial system of measurement;
Change time zone;
GNSS update rate selection;
Firmware upgrade;

W57 x L41 x D20mm
Weight - 45g