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MC3000 Universal Charger Analyser

by Sky RC – SK-100083
The World's Most Joyful Round Battery Charger

The creation of this product arose from the desire to finally have a charger as versatile, accurate and powerful as a SkyRC hobby charger but tailored to a sweet battery tray for cylindrical single cell batteries; no more hassle with battery holders, fiddly wiring, clamps or similar DIY solutions.


Support 9 + battery chemistries

Effective Cooling

The built-in aluminum cooler effectively dissipates heat generated in the inside of the charger to the environment, even at slow fan speed.  Twin fan for great cooling.

Compact Display

The 128x64 pixels screen shows 5 different views during operation, see above a picture of Total Overview (TOV).

Rich User Interface

Eight Buttons for easy programming and operation. Four Slot Number Buttons (SNB) help to address the different slots. The other four buttons are for programming and operation.

Easy Programmability

In Simple and Advanced UI modes, the charger operates off 30 user-defined operation profiles. The programs can be called up and run with few clicks, very conveniently.

Secure Stand

Rubber feet and strong tilt stand elements provide a firm stand. Tilted position enhances viewing angle and cooling air flow at the bottom side.


Input Power

DC 11-18V/4A

Charge Current Range


Discharge Current Range


Max. Charge Power


Max. Discharge Power


Battery Chemistry Type

NiMH, NiCd, NiZn, Eneloop,Lithium-Ion, LiIo4.35, LiFePO4,RAM,LTO

Battery Capacity


Operating Temperature


USB Power Output

DC 5V/2.1A



Weight(Without DC Adaptor)



Charger Unit
Power Supply
240v 3 pin power lead