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RC10B6.4CC Collectors Clear Edition Kit 1/10th Electric Buggy

by Team Associated – AS90043
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1:10 scale 2WD off road has been Team Associated's signature class since the release of the RC10 in 1984. The Team Associated RC10 buggy series has won 13 of the 19 I.F.M.A.R. World Championships contested, yet we never rest on our laurels. As tires, motors, batteries, and tracks evolve, Team Associated adapts and improves with every iteration of the RC10. With the RC10B6.4 project, engineers had the goals of improving jumping and landing, updating the steering feel to be "easy to drive fast," and making the buggy corner faster on high grip carpet and clay.

To commemorate one of the most successful 2WD buggy platforms in history, we are proud to announce the B6.4CC Collector's Clear Edition Kit. This kit offers RC collector's* the ability to build the world's most successful 1:10 scale buggy platform in iconic polycarbonate clear material. This clear car edition includes +3mm chassis layout, 11mm Octalock LCF slipper clutch, steel ESC weights, servo weights, front and rear anti-roll bars, and other great features you remember from the RC10B6.4. The B6.4CC is designed for optimal build experience, and this clear car edition kit is a true gem for both collectors* and racers alike.

*While clear parts are stronger than SLA and could be driven, it was manufactured as a display piece for your collection. The polycarbonate clear components will only be available in the kit. They will not be sold individually.


  • Iconic polycarbonate Clear Material throughout
  • 13mm big-bore threaded aluminum shocks and springs with machined shock pistons for improved bump and jump handling
  • Laydown 3-gear transmission
  • Clear polycarbonate B6 buggy wheels included
  • Natural silver +3mm length aluminum chassis with 22.5 degree kick-up to complement updated front-end geometry and with a new shape to reduce chassis scrub with the track surface
  • Adjustable height steering bellcrank and rack system for optimized bump steer at all ride heights and caster angles
  • -1mm kingpin offset steering and caster block set for smoother and more predictable steering through the entire wheel throw
  • Updated front ballstud mount, top plate, and front wing mount to account for the kickup angle change
  • Updated chassis side rails with three optional fan mount locations to choose from
  • Cab-forward design RC10B6.4 body offered in standard (kit) and lightweight (optional) thickness
  • 4mm carbon fiber front and rear shock towers with molded protective covers
  • Octalock spur gear and 11mm Octalock LCF pads


Power Source: Electric
Terrain: Off-Road
Body Style: Buggy
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Assembly Level: Kit*
Length: 390mm (15.35in)
Width: Varies
Wheelbase: Varies
Weight: Varies
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.60:1
Drive: 2WD

* This vehicle comes as a kit and must be fully assembled by the user. Electronics and/or an engine/motor may be required.


  • 1:10 scale electric motor and electronic speed control
  • 7.4V-7.6V 2S LiPo with "shorty" battery dimensions (standard or low-profile height)
  • Battery charger for the batteries chosen
  • 2-channel surface transmitter, 2-channel receiver, and steering servo
  • Lexan specific spray paint for body
  • 1:10 scale off-road wheels and tires
  • AA batteries for the transmitter